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Is the hybrid way of working helpful or detrimental to your career?

In a recent article in the SMH, the CEO of the Business Council, Jennifer Westacott was quoted as saying that it’s time to head back to the office because employees working remotely are in danger of being overlooked for promotions!

In today's HR Daily article, some statistics from a survey conducted by Bendelta indicates that some 69% of respondents prefer to spend 40% or less of their time in the office, 15% prefer to spend more than 60% in the office, and 16% have no strong preference either way.

What I'm keen to find out is whether anyone during the last few years has had the experience of being overlooked for a promotion?

  • How has senior management responded to the challenge of communicating with their people who are working remotely?

  • Is there more effort being made by leaders to communicate through regular meetings and catch-ups?

  • Is there less communication and engagement from your leaders now?

  • What has happened to performance appraisal – has there been any impact to you, as an employee when it comes to discussing performance?

  • How have you mitigated the potential of not being acknowledged accurately for your performance?

  • What have you, as an employee done to make sure you are communicating with your team and your leaders?

Having spoken with a number of clients who have been and still are working remotely, we've focused on making sure there are regular team catch-ups and meetings with leaders and managers. More effort seems necessary than before.

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