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Maximising your Career potential

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Are you one of the many people who are thinking about their career, not because of the pandemic but because you are not challenged in your role? Perhaps you have inherited a new boss with whom you don't have a strong working relationship? Maybe your role has changed over the years? Or, what you do no longer provides you with meaning!

If this describes something you're dealing with right now, it's time to talk to a professional career coach who can help you define what is missing from your career, help you understand your options and possibilities, highlight your transferable skills, and help you make decisions.

Knowing what's important to you in your career usually begins with self-reflections that include asking yourself:

  • who am I

  • what are my values, motivated skills

  • what are my strengths and talents

  • what are my achievements

Often, what holds you back may be because you haven't been able to make a decision about what's next and are looking at your career in a linear way! This can limit your thinking about your options and can also lead you to stay in a career and organisation that no longer meets your needs. Or, worse, you can end up being 'really stuck' by leaving your organisation and joining another in a similar role and finding within months of joining that you're in the same state of mind! Sometimes, people have repeated this several times!

Our world of work is full of uncertainty and it's important to be flexible in your thinking and not limit yourself to only one direction. Your transferable skills will enable you to move in different directions, particularly when reaching out to your network of contacts and expanding it.

Networking is a very important life skill and will help you uncover new possibilities and a career that will be more satisfying and meaningful. Many people are reluctant networkers until they understand what it really is and how to utilise it effectively.

So, if you want to maximise your potential, I recommend reaching out to a career professional - it's a great investment in your career and life potential.

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