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What would make it a good day (or week) at work for you?

Have you ever been asked this question? It's one of the most insightful interview questions but it's a question that also goes beyond that! Can you think about the types of activities that you really enjoy, that engage you so that you lose sight of time and wonder where the day has gone?

Of course, this doesn't describe every day but if you have awareness of when you're enjoying what you're doing and if you keep a journal, it will stand you in good stead when faced with looking for another job. This can be either at a time when you want to redesign your current role with your current organisation, or when faced with the question: "What do I want to do next?"

Many people struggle with defining their next career step! Gaining clarity about what you want to do next involves some deeper thinking and keeping a written record of what you enjoy and find engaging, will help you make a better decision about your next step.

The danger in not being clear and thinking more deeply is that you could inadvertently end up making a move to another organisation in a similar role hoping that you'll regain your 'mojo' and have a happier outcome! But, after the first few months in your new role, you suddenly find that you're 'stuck' in the same situation, having made a move but not for what you really want and would find more engaging!

The question about what would make it a good day for you is one that was asked in an interview of a job applicant! The answer to that question can be a decision-maker for the employer asking it if your answer is not truly aligned with the role you're being interviewed for! Yes, it does happen that job applicants inadvertently talk themselves out of a role! Particularly at times when you need to find a job quickly due to personal pressures.

So, to summarise: When making important decisions about your career direction, think deeply about what energises and engages you so that you can find a career that you will enjoy1

Or when someone asks you this type of question in an interview, you need to be well prepared so that your answer is aligned with the role you're being interviewed for. Having said that, no role is a 100% fit at all times, and as long as it's at least 80% most of the time, we can "live with" the remaining 20% that won't engage us to the same degree!

If you need to talk to a trusted adviser who can help you make important decisions about your career, please reach out to me!

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