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Over my 20 plus years of career coaching, I've developed a deep knowledge and experience about what works when marketing yourself for a new role and company that I would like to share with you. Please use these tips to guide you. I've deliberately not included templates for these resources because it's important to develop your own! And I can help you with that!  Please reach out if you need help with creating your resume, cover letter, job search strategy, LinkedIn, and interview preparation and practice.

Reviewing CVs

Resume Development Tips

The most important aspect of any resume is the content. There is no need to create or use a fancy format, a professional looking Word document without tables and graphics is ideal as it will parse through the Applicant Tracking Systems used by almost all recruiters and large companies who recruit inhouse.  

Your resume needs to be achievements focused - how have you added value and made a difference to your employer?

Need help with creating your Resume? Please reach out. 

Cover Letter Tips

Cover letters are important! Often, busy recruitment professionals may not read your cover letter, however when applying direct to potential employers, your cover letter will be important. The 'Hiring Manager' will look at how you market yourself and why you want the job and what you bring to it. 

Letters should only ever be less than one A4 page, unless applying to a public sector role where you need to address Selection Criteria. 

Need help? Please reach out.

Checking Text on a Document
Woman Smiling in Suit

LinkedIn Profile Tips

A professional LinkedIn Profile is an essential tool in your marketing mix! It's the go-to platform for companies and recruiters who look for good people! How are you marketing yourself? Are you active on LinkedIn? Is your Profile up to date and does it describe your value proposition? 

Please reach out if your Profile needs an update!

Interview Tips

Do you know how to answer the Behavioural Interview questions? Are you familiar with the STAR framework?

Do you know how to answer the "Tell me about Yourself" question? 

If you would benefit from knowing how to market yourself at Digital or Face-to-face interviews, and having the confidence to answer the behavioural and traditional style questions whether on AI/Digital interviews or in-person, please reach out.

Informational Interview
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