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When faced with making decisions about our career and we lack clarity as to 'what's next' we need to talk to a trusted adviser! Talking to an expert career development professional can help you clarify what gives you job satisfaction and meaning.

I work with my clients to help them reflect on their strengths, transferable skills, values, motivators, interests, and professional identity. This helps in developing options and possibilities for their career paths.


If you're willing and ready to do the hard work you need to do to advance in your career, I would love to help you progress. Making a change in your career is not a 'quick fix' and requires some deeper thinking about what's important to you in your life and career.

How I work with my clients: 

All meetings are tailored to individual needs, are confidential, and held in total privacy. For the foreseeable future, all meetings will be held using Zoom.

Personal and/or business information will be kept strictly confidential and is governed by Privacy Act Legislation. 

Our career coaching relationship will be governed by the Ethics and Standards of the Career Development Association of Australia (, “About the CDAA”, Code of Professional Conduct).

Career Clarity

  • Creating your Vision, Strategy, Goals and Objectives

  • Confirming your Strengths, discovering your Motivated Skills, your Interests and Values, and your Professional Identity

  • Addressing Gaps and Learning opportunities

  • Developing your Job Search strategy

  • Creating your 'achievement oriented' Resume and other marketing collateral (optional)

  • Preparing you for interviews including practice (optional)

Job Search Strategy

  • Developing your Strategic Marketing Plan

  • Creating your Networking Strategy and Plan

  • Understanding how to network

  • Developing your Elevator Pitch

  • Preparing your LinkedIn Profile to ensure it represents your personal brand and your unique value proposition

  • Engaging with Recruiters

  • Coaching in the "first 90 days" 

Interviews -
Preparation and Practice | Salary Negotiation

Marketing Collateral
Resume | LinkedIn |
Cover letters

  • Preparing for behavioural and traditional interview questions

  • Preparing for digital interviews

  • Preparing and practising a powerful “Tell me about Yourself” introduction statement

  • Negotiating your salary

  • What to do after an interview

  • The role of Referees

  • Identifying and constructing your Achievements

  • Coaching in and editing of your Resume and Cover letter

  • Coaching in and editing of writing Selection Criteria for public sector roles

  • Constructing your LinkedIn Profile 



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