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"You" - the Driver of your Career

  • Constantly re-calibrate your skills and knowledge and become a life-long learner!

  • Know what skills and strengths you enjoy using that are transferable to other sectors and roles

  • Make sure your marketing collateral - your Achievement oriented Resume, your cover letter, and your LinkedIn profile are up-to-date and represent your value contribution

  • Capture your achievements as they happen, and add them to your Resume

  • Don't just network when you need something - make it part of your career and life! Don't be a 'hit and run' networker!

  • Be open to and take advantage of chance events

  • Do some time travel - focus on what you would like to have achieved in 3 - 5 years from now!

  • What do you need to do to get there? What courses can you or do you need to do?

  • Develop a Strategic Marketing Plan that will help create a structure for your search and will ultimately get you there!

  • Engage a Career Coach to help you make important career and life decisions!

I invite you to get in touch if you'd like to make a change in your career or employer, or to help clear confusion between several offers you may have, for an obligation-free, 15-minute chat.

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